About Cutytailsdoll: "Hewwo!" ... "Whaa? I'm not cute!" ~~~ Long term roleplayer ~~~ No pervs, shoo! >~> Random start of a conversation: rickster98: "Wild PERV appears! Go cutytailsdoll! Use SHOO. It's super effective!" cutytailsdoll: "A critical hit! PERV fainted!" rickster98: We are just nerds :P cutytailsdoll: Yup! ^w^ Status: Streaming! check my channel at twitch Mood: Gaaames. Note: I am huggable! Note2: If you expect to rp with me, be aware that there's a hug fee that must be paid! And if you don't, you'll earn tons of hug bills! Note3: I'm a mobile user. If you want me to read your wix/full/weebly link me to it, please. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Super duper BASIC Info Name: Kathelyn Rose Species: Kitsune Age:11~18 Appearance: Pic Job: Depends on roleplay. Name: Joker Species: Demon Wolf Age: Unknown Appearance: Ask me for pic Job: Kathelyn's Pet/Companion Anne Rose Details Unknown. Post lenght: Paragraphs preffered. But please, post at least a semi para. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Read the entire info please, and be aware that my profile was made on phone, so if you find any weird errors blame chatango. ~ And yeah... I'm a gamer too. ~ I'm sort of easygoing, So don't be scared of me unless you do something bad. Be nice! ~ If that thing show that I'm online its because I am online! If I take long to answer please resend your post, my phone hates me and doesn't notify sometimes. ~ I RP about everything but please, let's discuss about the setting before or I won't have any idea of what you want! ~ Ever had an rp idea and wanted to try it out? I'm aways up for new ideas, just text me! ~ While IC, please don't do any type of text talk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~